Annegret Affolderbach was the founder and designer of sustainable fashion brand Choolips. After more than a decade of pioneering change in fashion, she founded ‘at the heart of luxury’, where she designs experiences and activations. 
In her recent role as contributing Editor for Africa at, she travelled by road across  South, East and West Africa creating content for 18 published key insight reports; an overview of emerging creative economy, fashion, culture, art, lifestyle, beauty, interiors and people of influence across South, East and West Africa.
She is a public speaker, and her writing has been published internationally speaking of fashion frontiers, conscious consumption and simple living, the future of brands and creative industries.
We are excited to bring her on board to design strategic activations and experiences, think tanks or masterclasses for you and your clients.
Annegret has developed her unique technique of unlocking potential, creativity and “aha moments” by taking teams through engaging, bespoke and cognitive exercises that bring clarity and insight.
In a world changing so fast through innovation, technology and a rising class of activist consumers, brands have to transform their thinking - finding new reasons to exist and thrive. Cultural futurists like Annegret have become an essential tool in one's arsenal.   

Annegret Affolderbach represented by Lampost