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Photographer Paul Samuels' Latest Work

South African photographer Paul Samuels continues to impress with his latest work for Grazia Magazine, Marianne Fassler, Woolworths and Marie Claire.

Who is Paul Samuels?

With a keen interest in identity and subcultures and a fine art photography background, Paul Samuels is especially talented at photographing people.

In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Tierney Fellowship, and began work on his ongoing portrait project, XVI X, under the mentorship of renowned South African fine art photographer Jo Ractliffe.
Paul’s commercial work features this same sensitivity to subject matter. Using colour, light and shadow to create heightened mood, Paul is able to transform a feeling or idea into a striking image.

He has shot evocative fashion editorials for Sunday Times Fashion Weekly and portraits for Marie Claire. Paul spent two weeks on the road travelling through Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda shooting local celebrities for a Coke campaign, and transformed players from the under 25 Lions rugby team into super heroes in post production for Vodacom’s ‘Sin Bin’.

For Paul Samuels bookings, please contact:
Kate Hawkins

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