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New to Lampost: Tarryn Hatchett

As a die-hard art cinema fan, and with a background in acting and art direction, Johannesburg based photographer Tarryn Hatchett weaves delicate visual narratives featuring raw moments from characters whose vulnerability and openness demands the viewer’s attention. Tarryn’s connection with her subject is paramount in capturing arresting images fraught with tenderness. Inclusivity, self-expression with a rebellious kick, and the visual exploration of youth culture are ever-present themes in the work. Recognised for her distinctively feminine gaze Tarryn is a critical thinker behind the lens, constantly working to shift the visual representation of beauty in portraiture, fashion and art photography. As a recipient of the Adobe Rising Stars of Photography Award in 2017, and with a billboard in Times Square and portraits featured in Vogue Germany and The New York Times, Tarryn has found an international audience for her immediately identifiable photographic voice. Tarryn loves collaborating with musicians to create aesthetics for musical works, and has shot multiple album covers for award-winning singer-songwriter Nakhane, and has co-directed the music video fro The Tazer’s “Plastic Kids” which was selected as one of the Top 10 videos of 2019 by renowned music blog Texx And The City. Tarryn has shot covers and feature stories for Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa, Elle Magazine South Africa, Elle Deco and The Sunday Times. Brand clients include Mr Price Project, Superbalist, Google Pixel, Scottish Leader and Dr Martens amongst others. 

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