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Lampost Fellowship for African Womxn Photographers

At Lampost Luminaries we were into our 6th week of our first fellowship when SA was declared a national disaster and the first days of social distancing followed swiftly by the lockdown. The Luminaries at this stage had only completed Project One and we still had many mentoring sessions, lessons, workshops and projects planned for their 10 month fellowship with us. The spirit at Lampost Luminaries and Lampost is one of optimism, courage and innovation and we did just that. The women went to their separate homes to stay safe and work with us remotely and even though we didn’t have the physical collective energy of all of us together for these past few months, we kept the schedule for the program going and to date, they have completed 5 projects four in level 5 and 4 lockdown. Here’s their best since February.

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