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Introducing Angie Batis Durrant to the collaborator board

We are thrilled to introduce Angie Batis Durrant to our Collaborator board.

Angie Batis Durrant is driven by her passion for seeing creative ideas come to life. With over 10 years’ experience in advertising as an agency art director, Angie has developed a unique creative perspective that she applies lovingly to every project she undertakes. Whether it's a conceptual fashion shoot for an up-and-coming local brand, food and lifestyle photography for her blog Lucky Pony or conceptualising an entire brand and experience for one of her own restaurant ventures - Angie throws her heart and soul into it, and it shows. Personal blogger turned content creation pro, Angie’s quirky creativity remains at the heart of her varied creative talents. With an extensive network of active followers via her blog and social channels, she’s collaborated with an assortment of local and international brands. Photography has long been Angie's focus. She spent much of her youth capturing interesting candid moments wherever she went, but lately, she has moved to more considered, creative work for the fashion industry.

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