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A lockdown is not a barrier to creativity

If we held a mirror up to ourselves now, what would we see? Our worlds have constricted to the size of our living rooms within the space of a few weeks. The future is unknown, nothing feels certain. We are anxious, claustrophobic, fearful. But we also remain curious, sensitive and inspired to respond to the situation we find ourselves in together. As the late great American author Toni Morrison noted, it’s through creativity that we find our way through turbulent times. The lockdown presents a completely unique set of creative circumstances. This has challenged these tenacious photographers to look within, to reflect, to explore and experiment; to continue doing what they know and love best. Through their work we’re reminded of what matters most and the things we hold dear.


During the South African lockdown, we initiated a challenge to everyone in the Lampost team to document their days in their own way. It’s been a wonderful initiative, authentic to the Lampost community – keeping our creative energy high, minds sharp and finding ways to share our stories through these days in lockdown. We’ve posted these on IG as live stories since Day #1 (@lampostsa).


In addition to creating innovative new processes to shoot at home, our photographers have made available an extensive bank of ‘stock’ images from their personal archives. A number of whom have access to their own studios, lighting equipment, props and backgrounds. Working within the lockdown guidelines, we can safely and expertly facilitate food and still life shoots (stills and moving image).

To follow is a sampling of the incredible work our photographers are capable of producing from their own homes.

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