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Ross Garrett photographs Trevor Noah for Johnnie Walker campaign

About the experience, Ross Garrett says: "Surreal. One minute I was pushing my son on his bike, the next I was walking the streets of SoHo, pretzel in one hand and call sheet in the other. I had worked with Trevor some years prior. He was an absolute pleasure. The ultimate pro. Nothing had changed. He came in, we greeted one another, he recalled our previous shoots which immediately put me at ease. He walked with purpose over the grey paper roll in the spacious lobby of The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, probably no more than 20 times. We had our shot. The team at Egg Films helped immensely giving us all we needed to get the job done and together with my homies at Lampost and the incredible creative team at McCann, everything was sorted out in what felt like a few hours. It was an incredible experience. It still feels like a dream."

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