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Hair & Makeup artist Alex Botha's latest work

Known for her skill at painting clean, flawless canvases, makeup artist Alex Botha prides herself on her ability to conceptualise and execute looks to brief combined with her own distinct creative flair. With 15 years experience in the industry, Alex remains inspired by the core satisfaction of a job well done: the joy on someone’s face when they see their finished look and step in front of the camera. Alex has worked with almost all local publications, and has traveled to Ibiza, Reunion, Zanzibar, Argentina and Mozambique for numerous swimwear and lingerie campaigns. She has worked on Revlon, Yardley, Ponds, and Avon beauty campaigns, and is currently sponsored by Dermalogica. Her recent ‘Devotion’ shoot for Gaschette received international attention and was featured on Touch Puppet. Alex has also been a member of the Fashion Jury for Grazia SA.

Images photographed by Darren Gwynn

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