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LAMPOST Produces Thebe Magugu SS21 Paris Fashion Week - launched last night!

"What a story from South African designer Thebe Magugu! The elegance of espionage was the subject, as the true stories of Apartheid spys under cover were expressed not just in words but in fresh and elegant clothes - perfect dresses for spirited female spies to seduce any international figure likely to sell secrets. A thoughtful and intelligent show embracing both sexes - and capturing striking clothes as much as revealing deep secrets." Suzy Menkes

"Thanks to Ian Fleming and John le Carré, espionage has a glamorous reputation. On paper, the business of finding and exploiting secrets can seem all high-flying adventure, but its realities are often mundane. When Thebe Magugu read Jonathan Ancer’s Betrayal: The Secret Lives of Apartheid Spies, he was introduced to the covert agents of his native South Africa and how their work influenced a nation. “The images from popular culture are quite far from reality,” shares Magugu via Zoom. “Spies are living amongst us; they’re our friends, family, teachers, and even mothers.” Women like confessed spy Olivia Anne Marie Forsyth, aka agent RS407 and code name Lara, a former lieutenant within the Security Branch of the South African Police, who defected to the African National Congress, provided the collection’s inspiration. “I was trying to understand the psychology,” he says. “What would drive someone to commit high treason?” Janelle Okwodu for Vogue

Production & Casting: Lampost Productions

Executive producer: Jodie Ennik

Director & Photographer: Kristin-Lee Moolman

Creative director: Ib Kamara

Art director / set designer: Chloe Andrea

Photographic assistant: Tatenda Chidora

Photographic 2nd assistant: Lerato Ntiso

Hair artists: Saadique Ryklief and Khomotšo Moloto

Makeup artist (Film): Annice Roux Gerber

Makeup artists (Look book): Annice Roux Gerber and Alex Botha

Models: Disi with District Models, Catherine with models, Franca and Julianna with Boss Models, Sio King, Annah and Bethany with Fanjam

The lookbook shoot was a collaboration with Kristin-Lee Moolman and NPO Lampost Luminaries with mentorship by Tatenda Chidora

Special thanks to Keyes Art Mile and Sunshine

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