A trailblazer of the fashion industry, stylist and art director Chrisna de Bruyn works extensively between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Chrisna’s previous publication titles include fashion editor at Mirage Magazine and fashion director at Glamour SA. Chrisna has pioneered her own digital publication, Africa Is Now, which prides itself on being a platform for emerging contemporary creative talent from the continent to a global audience. Chrisna’s work is boldly feminine and glamorous. She has contributed to Vogue US, Wallpaper, Centrefold, Polanski and VMAN, and worked with an impressive list of local and international photographers including Kristin Lee Moolman, Travys Owen, Misha Taylor, Trevor Stuurman, Francois Visser, Henrik Purienne, Thomas Lohr, Laurence Ellis, Alexa Singer, Katinka Bester, Michael Oliver Love and Dennis Swiatkowski. Chrisna’s clients include brands such as MTV-VIVA worldwide, Adidas, Levi’s, Sony Music, FILA worldwide, Stella McCartney, TOPSHOP, Philips Amsterdam, Landrover UK, Heineken, Woolworths, Total-sports and Benson & Hedges.


Chrisna De Bruyn represented by Lampost